Embassy of India in Berlin

Embassy of India in BerlinGermany is a strong bond of communication between India Government and Germany.


Consulate Appointment or Contact Embassy of India in Berlin : Visit only by Appointment

For consular service, you must book an appointment, You are advised to book on normal working hours via making a phone call . Also for more details please check in first instance the consulate website for enquiries contact form .

India Consulates in Germany may prioritize Appointment for India citizens or have dedicated support.

If unfortunately unable to get contact here, one should try to the Consulate General of India in Hamburg, Consulate General of India in Munich, Indian Consulate General in Frankfurt am Main, Indian Honorary Consulate in Stuttgart,
For your convenience here listed all other representatives of India located in Germany.

Visa and Passports
If you would like to come to India, there's a lot of information about types of Visas. The tools help you to plan your journey to India. Have look for more information about specific visa types.

India Visa Classification and Online Process:

India Long-Term or Regular Visa:

  • Business Visa
  • Conference Visa
  • Diplomatic Visa
  • Employment Visa
  • Entry Visa
  • Film Visa
  • Intern Visa
  • Journalist Visa
  • Medical Attendant
  • Medical Visa
  • Missionary Visa
  • Mountaineering Visa
  • Official Visa
  • Project Visa
  • Research Visa
  • Student Visa
  • Tourist Visa
  • Transit Visa
  • Un Diplomat
  • Un Official

Check for Indian visa extension online.

Travel Insurance for India
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Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic Update

The COVID-19 has affected total numbers are ...., total deaths ...., the total recovered number ..... Government is taking steps to initiate the process of vaccination. After collecting aggregates from all over the statistical reports of the number of corona patients, the government is planning to start the first phase of vaccinating COVID-19 in December. The first phase of this vaccination will be provided to 20 percent population. Later on, keeping in view the results of 1st phase, next phases will then be initiated to cover more of the population than 20 percent only. According to recent analysis, it is stated that the number of vaccine doses that would be available in 2021 are .... in total. The number of patients already vaccinated are .... in total. Very soon a large number of populations will be provided by the vaccine to cure COVID-19 in the following months.

COVID-19 is ultimately going to get cured by use of multiple vaccines provided by different companies. These vaccines may not be able to treat a large number of populations but can at least begin the process of vaccinating this deadly disease for which each and every person almost lost hope.

*Please help us to update with correct information for Embassy of India in Berlin, if you find this information is not correct.

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To whom it may concern, I want to visit India and Sri-Lanka with my girlfriend in July and August 2022. We want to visit India for 5 days and then continue to Sri-Lanka before flying back to Germany via India once again. As we would book the flights separately, we would need to re-enter India for transit when flying back to Germany (we need to recheck our luggage at the airport). Therefore, we wanted to know if the current post-covid 30d e-visa is multiple entry or double entry? If not, is there a double-entry visa that we could acquire online? What other affordable options do we have? Or could we acquire two consecutive visas in order to allow us to recheck our luggage at Delhi airport when flying back home? Thank you for your information,


Dear Madam or Sir, my father will be travelling to India next week. He does not have a mobile phone where you can download the Air Suvidha App. How can I submit all necessary documents? Also does he need a PCR test to be done if he is travelling from Germany or is the full vaccination status enough?

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Consulate General of India in Hamburg, Germany

Raboisen 6



Consulate General of India in Munich, Germany

Widenmayerstrasse 15


Indian Consulate General in Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 26
60325 Frankfurt am Main

(+49) 69 55 41 25


Indian Honorary Consulate in Stuttgart, Germany

Schulze-Delitzsch-Strasse, 25
70565 Stuttgart

(+49) 711-7 83 89 69